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We realized the need to foster innovation ecosystems to democratize knowledge sharing. Local problems need local solutions, however support for entrepreneurs in emerging economies is disintegrating, and they lack the skills to build effective solutions. We are on a mission to #BuildTheFuture by enabling impact-driven innovations in the emerging economies of the world.  ​

The What

Vruksh operates on a proprietary model - 2(IME) [pronounced as TwIME] which is an abbreviation for ‘Innovation, Incubation, Mentoring, Maker & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.’  The goal is to enable this philosophy through interaction between private, commercial, government and independent players in each focus domain to build a cohesive network of entities working towards a common goal. 

The key activities that are performed under this umbrella network are - 

  1. Hybrid-Learning Modules for Entrepreneurship. 

  2. Specialized Programs for E-Cells and Business Incubators. 

  3. Design-Build-Operate-Transfer (DBOT) Model for Innovation Infra.

  4. Startup Facilitation through Mentors & Partners.

  5. Govt-led Initiatives Execution.

  6. Global Startup Exchange and Promotion.

The Who

Abheejit / Abhijeet Khandagale

Founder - Director

Kamlesh Pande

Kamlesh Pande
Board Member

Jayaroopa J

Jayaroopa J
Board Member

ramakrishnan r

R Ramakrishan
Board Member


Director - Products

Sachin Farfad Patil

Sachin Farfad-Patil
Director - Agri Vertical

Rahul Paari

Global Lead - Misfits

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-24 at 17.48.14.jpeg

Non-Executive Director

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