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Vruksh Summer of Code

Hackatra 2024


Hackatra 2024 is a Summer of Code program which aims to harness the creativity and expertise of participants to enhance the functionalities of our open-source mission and address critical challenges in global education. By participating, individuals will contribute to impactful solutions that can revolutionize educational practices worldwide.



  • Sponsors and Collaborators: 17th May - 31st May

  • Registration: 1st June - 15th June

  • Code and Mentor Sessions: 15th June - 31st July (6 weeks)

  • Jury and Presentations: 3rd August - 5th August

  • Winners Announcement: 6th August


We are grateful to our sponsors and collaborators who make Hackatra 2024 possible. Their support is crucial in driving innovation and providing resources for participants to excel. If you or your organization is interested in sponsoring or collaborating with us, please get in touch with us.


Registration for Hackatra 2024 opens on 1st June and closes on 10th June. During this period, interested participants can sign up to take part in the hackathon through our two official platforms:


Early registration is encouraged as spaces are limited.


From 15th May to 31st July, participants will engage in intensive coding and mentor sessions. These sessions are designed to provide guidance, support, and feedback from experienced mentors in the field. Participants will work on their projects, collaborate with peers, and refine their solutions to address the challenges presented.


From 3rd August to 5th August, participants will present their projects to a panel of esteemed judges. The jury will evaluate the projects based on criteria such as innovation, impact, feasibility, and technical execution. This is a valuable opportunity for participants to showcase their hard work and receive constructive feedback.


The winners of Hackatra 2024 will be announced on 6th August. Prizes will be awarded to the top-performing teams, and their projects will be highlighted on our platform and through our partner networks.

Prizes for the winners are:

  • Cash Prize

  • Swag

  • Certificate

  • Internship opportunity with us


Hackatra is proud to collaborate with leading open-source organizations to create impactful solutions. Explore some of our past key projects:

  1. Let’s Read: A refugee led organization awarded by UNHCR working in Jordan for providing education access to women and girls who are out of school.

  2. Ekatra: A WEF & Deloitte awarded low/no data learning platform to provide education at scale.

  3. Catalyst2030: The Cat Tech collaboration is an initiative to build solutions for the social impact sector. Catalyst 2030 is a fast-growing global movement of people and organisations committed to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) by 2030


Join us in making a difference in global education. Contribute to our open-source projects and see the innovative solutions of our present hackathons:

  • Hackatra 2024 Projects: Explore our codebase and start contributing today. Our repository is open to contributions from developers of all skill levels, offering a range of projects that can benefit from fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

  • See Past Projects: Get inspired by the amazing work of previous participants. Review past projects to understand the scope and impact of the solutions developed during previous hackathons. These projects demonstrate the potential for innovation and the difference that dedicated individuals can make.


For more information or to get in touch, visit our contact page. Whether you have questions about the hackathon, want to learn more about our projects, or are interested in sponsorship opportunities, we are here to assist you.

Let’s innovate together for a better future in education. Register now and be part of the change at Hackatra 2024!

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